About us

Toothfairy Label & Management was founded in 2010, who at the time took over a small catalogue from what was formerly known as The Toothfairy Label. Toothfairy shifted the focus from solely being a label & distributor of music, to creating and fostering new local talents with an international potential. The first few years Toothfairy developed artists like CLMD, Coucheron and Eye Emma Jedi, also known as the famous “The Sandvika Wave”, who with their success inspired a whole new generation of Indie-, EDM- & pop-artists in Norway. Toothfairy quickly rose to become one of Norway’s most prominent indie label & management companies, with acts that garnered international success, signed big deals and maintained sold-out shows.

Our goal has always been to build and foster talent from Norway to the outside world – from its very infancy to its big break – whether that be someone’s first cut, sync placement or a European tour. Our longterm aspiration is to be the most important platform in Norway for entering and committing to the international market, and be the “go-to-guys” for potential collaborators from abroad who wish to set foot in Norway. Toothfairy’s primary focus lies on its many creators: the artists, producers and songwriters. We started out at Tanken in Sandvika, as we built one of Norway’s most unique and frequented studio complexes. Here we have created Billboard hits, developed Grammy-nominees, won the Clio award and had dozens of acts playlisted on radio stations all over the world. Toothfairy’s vision has always been that you can succeed from the very smallest of towns — with the biggest of hearts and dreams — if you just put in the work, dedication and determination required. We are just as exotic for an international music business as they are to us. It just comes down to focus, the right facilities, and striving for the best content at every waking moment.

We have established one of the world’s most prestigious songwriting camps, By:songs, where we bring together some of the biggest writers and producers from all around the globe. We also provide stellar accommodation at a beautiful, refurbished 17th century farm in the middle of the Norwegian forest, giving guests an unmissable and vividly picturesque Norwegian countryside experience. And that’s not all – we have a 350-cap venue, vis-á-vis our popular bar & restaurant, which our talents & roster frequently utilize.

Toothfairy Music Group has ownership in several businesses within creative enterprise, and is the most vital part of Toothfairy Farm.

New ideas are born on the edge. The fringe beats the mainstream, which is where limits are meant to be crossed and rules are meant to be broken.