Even though Soul Gem hasn’t released many solo-tracks the past years, Omar Elgarh has stayed busy writing and producing other projects, including the NME-favored hip hop act Pasha in which also secured Soul Gem three prestigious features. Joining in on Pasha’s live show, Soul Gem has already played festivals such as Kadetten, Øya and Skral, in addition to securing a nomination for “Live Act of the Year” at this year’s P3 Gull.
Being inspired by some of the worlds biggest names in Pop music, Soul Gem focuses on unique productions and playful melodies. Including elements of funk, disco, folk and hip hop, Soul Gem has a diverse soundscape with a vintage feel.

Following up his summer release “Borderlines”, Soul Gem has decided to share another chilled out indie track written, performed and produced by himself.

With a vibrant warmth from start to finish, Soul Gem combines organic percussion, soothing vocals in a slow paced, minimalistic but grand soundscape. “Blossom” keeps the groves going through highs and lows, and even through some distinct vintage synth solos.

Be sure to add it to your laidback playlist: https://orcd.co/blossom