RebMoe is the artist persona of Norwegian vocalist Rebecca Moe. Starting out as a joke, RebMoe jumped on her boyfriend Coucheron’s debut EP with her distinct vocal style. After continuing to stumble upon opportunities most “just-starting-out-musicians” could only just dream about, RebMoe has already reached millions of streams as well as praise across the blogosphere.

After her collaboration with the Grammy nominated artist Coucheron on the quirky track “Honky Donk”, RebMoe returned with another solid collaboration. Featuring the rapper Pasha, “I Don’t Speak French” charted on Norwegian radio and started spreading quickly in the blogosphere and highlighted amongst the likes of Nothing But Hope And Passion, Trap Party and Hilly Dilly.

Gearing up to new solo releases, RebMoe teamed up with future house up and comer Jonas Aden to rework “I Don’t Speak French” and “Library Thugs”.

Today RebMoe’s most recent collaboration hit all platforms; Tiesto x 7Skies – “My Frequency” feat. RebMoe. Continuing to deliver intense, unique vocals, RebMoe continues to her way to conquer the world of EDM!

Listen now: