Carl Louis’ Silent Soldier on vinyl

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Having spent the last few years producing singles for other artists, including ARY’s debut single ‘Higher’, as well as releasing his own mini-album in 2015, Louis returned in 2017 to deliver hisfull-length ‘Memory Lane’ with an additional remix EP. Described as a smorgasbord of nostalgic sounds, Carl reinterpreted the Melotron synthesizer to get an thoroughly vibe of “something old”, as he describes it. With praise from tastemakers such as Dancing Astronaut, Complex, Tidal and Line of Best Fit, Carl continues to prove himself as a pioneer in the Nordic electronic scene, leaving behind great reviews, a studio documentary with Tidal and tons of airplay.

With a history of collaborating with some of Norway’s most talented female singers early in their careers, Carl Louis has much of the success of ARY, Frøder and Ingrid from Highasakite to his resume. Looking down 2019, Carl Louis is finally ready to add his own vocals into his vast signature soundscape. The album is a new project inspired by the lighthearted and positive naïveté of indie pop. Adding several new, rough elements to his recording process including guitars, live drums and his own vocals, gives this project a more organic and vivid feel than his earlier work. Carl’s new work combines the sound of Swedish indie acts such as Peter, Bjorn and John, Miike Snow and Radio Dept., with inspiration from soulful acts such as Jungle, Moby and Massive Attack.

Carl presents diverse levels of energy in his latest project. Ranging from the soft touch of Shadows to the raw energy of The Enemy, the project truly fills the spectrum of human emotion, presented in a comprehensive and genre crossing compilation of catchy indie pop tracks.