” Now they’re finally back with their first outing of what is sure to be a big 2019 for the band ” – NBHAP

After working on new music the past year, Ponette is finally ready to release their new single “Meltdown” on the 10th of May. With a deep, dark electronic vibe and a catchy hook built around heavy synths, the new single explores the theme of feeling lost in a relationship. The kind where you stop feeling like your own person, and strive to be the glue in something that should have been lost long ago. It’s like being desperate and having an identity crisis, all mixed with new hope and a spark of life. The single will be released accompanied by a lyric video perfectly catching the dark and heavy vibe of the track. The video is made by Fabian Fjeldvik, Ben Olsen Johnsgård and Ponette. “Meltdown” is out now via Nothing But Hope And Passion!