Hailing from Sandane, Norway, SOFIA was spotted at the age of 14 by the Oslo based music company Toothfairy. Gaining entry to the studio of the Grammy nominated artist and producer Coucheron, SOFIA quickly became the singer and co-writer of Coucheron’s hit single “LOUD”, streaming millions and getting recognition from blogs such as Clash Magazine and CloudKid. 

Returning to Coucheron’s studio this spring, the time had come to work on SOFIA’s first original music.  

After months of grinding new sounds, SOFIA revealed her debut single “Fake It” late August. With airplay on both NRK P3 and NRK P1, the single gained attention from international tastemakers such as Nothing But Hope And Passion and was quickly picked up by “Lovleg”, NRK P3’s highly anticipated follow-up to the internationally critically acclaimed series “SKAM”.  

Celebrating their previous collaborations, SOFIA and Coucheron has teamed up on “Follow You” which is a fast paced, dynamic and playful pop track. SOFIA’s charming vocals melts perfectly with Coucheron’s playfull electronic productions compiled of warm acoustic elements and quirky analogue synths in an energetic atmosphere. Driven by SOFIA’s catchy hooks, the 17- year old talent continues to shine on her new follow-up single. 

SOFIA and Coucheron’s “Follow You” is now out on Cloud Kid, Funky Panda, Syrex and more!”