William French

About Artist

Drawing attention from the world’s biggest tastemakers within the ambient-genre, William French has already been highlighted by the Youtube-giant Mr. Suicide Sheep and Indie Shuffle for his vast, cinematic sound. Combining elements of ambient chilout with minimalistic, melodic deep house, William has released official remixes via Atlantic Records and Toothfairy –adding his signature to the works of Coucheron, Carl Louis and Frøder.

William French spent 2017 rolling out his EP “Entities”, including 6 dynamic tracks ranging from the soothing sound of “Heart” to the intense punches of “Peaking”. The release secured radio play and was favorited by Indie Shuffle and Arctic Empire, in addition to securing William French a spot at Øyafestivalen’s Club Night at The Villa.

Kicking off 2018, William released “Travelers” which is a collaboration with electro up and comer AWR. The release was quickly supported by La Belle Musique who endorsed the Norwegian artist by releasing two official remixes of the track. Spending the past months working on a new project, William closed off 2018 by revealing the first single off his upcoming EP “Velvet Dream” which is set to release the spring of 2019.