About Artist

Norwegian SoundCloud producer gone singer-songwriter Kristoffer Björntvedt aka Travelle ́s debut “Nobody Else” went straight to #1 on Spotify Top50 Viral in US when it came out less than 2 years ago, and the 23 yr old Rogalandian has since released a handful of exquisitely crafted songs, now collectively available on the “Volume 1 EP”. His unexampled blend of electronic pop, analogue sounds, urban minimalism, exotic rhythms and straight from the gut lyrics is truly setting Travelle apart from anything else going on these days, building a signature resembling nothing less than an emerging voice of a generation. A new EP Travelle “in Paradise pt.1” (featuring singles “cuba”, “stay for the night” and “Sweden”) was released this past Fall via Casablanca Records, further cementing his remarkable coming of age artistic project.