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In the vibrant beat of Tromsø's electronic pulse, emerges the dynamic duo, Snö – an electrifying addition to the cool winds of northern Norway's pop scene. With their roots firmly planted in the city's rich electronic music tradition, Martin Hotvedt and Hallvar Agersborg ride the crest of the wave that's been sweeping through the country's pop landscape in recent years.

Their debut single “Krig'' earned the titles of "Song of the Week" and “Ukas Urørt” (Unsigned Artist of the Week) at NRKP3, and propelled them into the national stage. Their music has also found its way into TV programs, and they've had the chance to perform live during prime time on NRK1.

Switching gears to streaming, they've garnered millions of streams across different platforms. Their presence on Spotify is no joke – maybe you’ve catched them on playlists like "New Music Friday," "New Pop," and "Made in Norway" or in the golden rays of Spotify's "Sommersol". Plus, they've made some noise on the "Viral Top 50" in Norway.

After a release hiatus during 2020 and 2021, Snö got back in the game with the 2022 summer hit "Lofoten i sommer," a tune that caught fire on NRK P1 - spending 16 weeks on the B-list of Norway’s biggest radio station. Their follow-up single “Fotspor” also landed a spot on NRKP1's list for almost 4 months, solidifying their groove as radio mainstays. Those two singles are the first releases of their debut album which drops late autumn of 2024.

As for live performances, they've covered ground all over the country, hitting up festivals such as Rakettnatt, Nordlysfestivalen, Trænafestivalen, and Alta Live. They will hit the road summer 2024, with festivals already lined up.