Scarlet Pleasure

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Scarlet Pleasure was formed when the 3 friends Emil Goll (vocals), Alexander Malone (bass) and Joachim Dencker (drums) met in 8th grade and decided to form a rock band with tribute to their common obsession Red Hot Chili Peppers. An influence that remains a key inspiration for the band to this day. Naturally however the youngsters had to go through several years of practicing, exploring and growing before finding their own unique sound and style.

With mega-hits such as ‘Déjà vu’, ‘Good Together’ and ‘Limbo’, Copenhagen pop sensation Scarlet Pleasure has positioned themselves as the most exciting new band coming out of Scandinavia. Recently celebrated with 2 Danish Music Awards, P3 Gold, MTV Awards and several other testimonials, the young band has already taken Denmark by storm. Most recently playing their second Roskilde Festival headliner show following up their 2xPlatinum awarded EP’s ‘Limbo’ and ‘Lagune’.

The recent Platinum EP’s ‘Limbo’ and ‘Lagune’ has spawned new hit singles such as ‘Déjà vu’, ‘Good Together’ and ‘Limbo’ again challenging and moving both pop music and culture. Their strong sense of fashion and unique visual profile combined with their ability to constantly be on the forefront of new tendencies, has led for Scarlet Pleasure to become the undisputed trendsetters of the Scandinavian music scene, which in recent years has been one of the most hyped and copied worldwide.