About Artist

After her collaboration with the Grammy nominated artist Coucheron on the quirky track “Honky Donk”, RebMoe returned with another solid collaboration. Featuring the iconic rapper Pasha, “I Don’t Speak French” charted on Norwegian radio and got praise from taste makers such as Nothing But Hope And Passion, Trap Party and Hilly Dilly.

“The track is irreverent and catchy and human, and it’s one that could really have a global impact via a perfectly executed video meme. Turn this one all the way up on your speakers, and try your hardest not to dance ridiculously at the drop.” – Hilly Dilly

While wrapping up a master’s degree in social innovation at Cambridge University, RebMoe couldn’t take much time off to perform live, but prioritized a handful of key festivals in Scandinavia including SPOT, Øya, Tryvann and Vinjerock. Also working with the Scandinavian start up Tise, RebMoe spends time discussing social and environmental issues with influencers, trying to shed light on a much needed debate.

RebMoe’s “Why Am I Like This” is her most energetic track to date. Staying true to up beat dance and rave culture, her latest track is a techno inspired, bass infused electro house gem. Produced by Coucheron, RebMoe presents her iconic, careless vocal style, disrupting the energetic beat – creating an intense energy. The track is set to release alongside a video shot in Oslo and Cambridge University. Continuing with the DIY-mentality, the video is simple and playfulas RebMoe does her thing in Oslo’s posh districts and around the notorious university campus.

RebMoe will release new music the spring of 2019.