About Artist

RebMoe is the artist persona of feminist and environmental activist Rebecca Moe. Teaming up with big names in the EDM scene such as Tiesto, 7 Skies, Coucheron and Jonas Aden, RebMoe has already gained more than a 1.000.000 monthly listeners on Spotify and gained DJ-support from the likes of David Guetta and Tiesto.

RebMoe first tried out her signature vocal style with her friend, and prominent artist, Coucheron. Inspired by the French electronica scene, RebMoe and Coucheron came up with the song “Honky Donk”, a playful electronic earworm that went on to chart on Hype Machine, a great amount of airplay and millions of streams. Years later, she returned to Coucheron’s studio, looking for beats for her own project. In love with hard hitting, gritty beats, RebMoe gathered a handful of electronic delights, including “Why Am I Like This”, “Library Thugs” and finally “I Don’t Speak French” which later went on to being retouched by Future House cool-kid Jonas Aden.

RebMoe “My Frequency” with Tiesto and 7 Skies took the young MC’s career to the next level. Gaining more than 4 million streams on Spotify alone within the first month of its release, was supported by some of the biggest legends within EDM, such as David Guetta and Martin Garrix.