About Artist

Pasha is truly one of the most exciting hip-hop acts emerging from Norway’s rap-scene. Becoming an established artist on the Scandinavian hip hop scene, Pasha spent the past year selling out shows while charting on national radio and gaining solid attention from some of Norway’s most prominent media. However, the artist is now gaining exposure far outside of his home country, adding official soundtracks to Netflix movies, getting highlighted by Ebro on Beats 1 Radio and live performances in Los Angeles and Austin to his resume.

Blending nostalgic 90’s vibes with quirky, playful and funky hip-hop, the young artist stood out from his peers and was asked to support international acts such as Onyx and Dj Premiere as a teenager. Jumping on every live opportunity he got, the iconic rapper quickly became notorious for his explosive live shows and his unique talent as an entertainer. While building a hype through notorious live performances, Pasha released singles such as Around The Area, Colorblind and Tie-Dye, gaining traction on YouTube channels such as such as Rap City, The Ride Channel and Funky Panda, as well as securing a spots at X GAMES in Oslo’s line up.

Being featured in NME’s list of the world’s most promising talents in 2017 became a turning point:

“As Scandinavia leads the pop assault on the charts worldwide–Pasha is spearheading the growing rapscene coming form Northern Europe”–NME

Pasha continued releasing bangers such as “I Don’t Speake French”, “Prettyboi Bounce” and “Purple Pudding”, gaining attention from Highsnobiety, Clash Magazine and Rap Nation while charting on national radio.

Passionate about performing, Pasha spent the past years spreading his love through about 40 shows a year across Northern Europe, including SPOT festival in Denmark and the prominent Apple Tree Garden Festival in Germany. Simultaneously, Pasha’s track “Throw A Party” was handpicked by the director of the Netflix movie “Battle” to feature as the official soundtrack, and has now reached millions around the globe.

Kicking off 2019, Pasha was picked up by Ebro on Beats 1 Radio and highlighted as one of the rappers who’s “spearheading” the rap scene of Northern Europe. Soon after, Pasha’s performance at SXSW and single release “Chili” made waves throughout Rap Nation and Earmilk to name a few.