Daniela Reyes

About Artist

Daniela Reyes is an artist, composer and multi-instrumentalist hailing from Asker, Norway. Growing up as the daughter of infamous artist Maj Britt Andersen and composer Geir Holmsen, Daniela was raised surrounded by Norway’s most notorious musicians, sparking an early passion and curiosity around performing and writing music. Joining her parents regularly on stage from an early age made performing and entertaining a natural part of Daniela’s childhood. Since competing at the national championship of accordion at the age of 10, Daniela has later broadened her skill set, now including singing, guitar, bass, and percussion into her bilingual live set.

Praised by Telerama and Noisey, Daniela has performed at some of Norway’s biggest music festivals including Øyafestivalen, Træna and by:larm, Vill Vill Vest and Trondheim Calling. Combining skill with charisma, Daniela has become a popular artist without releasing a single piece of music, gaining traction by word of mouth.

While being the youngest student at NMH’s Bachelor of Music with Individual Concentration, Daniela was awarded the TONO scholarship this spring followed by Budstikka’s Talent Scholarship in October.

Daniela just wrapped up “Et Stille Sted”, a project including KORK, Lars Saabye Christiansen and Maj Britt Andersen, released at the end of 2018.

Daniela is currently preparing her first releases as a solo artist.