About Artist

After countless number one placements on Hypemachine, a Grammy nomination and hundreds of millions of streams on Spotify, Coucheron is a known name as a producer for the stars. In 20217 he went straight to the top of Spotify’s biggest playlists world wide and went on his first North American tour after releasing his solo releases “Loud”, “Barely Floating” and “High By the Riverside”. This got the attention of Billboard magazine amongst others, and his songs made it to the top of collage-radios in both USA, Germany and Norway. As the wizz behind productions for names such as Kehlani, Mayer Hawthorne, Charlie Puth and Nick Jonas to name a few, it is safe to say Coucheron is a name you will not soon forget in the music scene.

Also a prominent live-artist, his liveshow is filled with synths, organic instruments, and raw energy filled Parkteatret in Oslo in 2021, with his headliner show together with Pasha. He also mesmerized thousands during UKA in Trondheim, where he shared the stage with the superstar Alan Walker among others.