Theresa Frostad Eggesbø, known as Resa is steadily becoming a prominent actress via her parts in Netflix’s recent success “Ragnarok” and NRK’s international phenomenon SKAM. While securing new exciting parts in acting, Theresa has spent the past year amping up her career in music which has always been her one true passion, building up to her debut EP to be released in May 13.

Choosing music whenever she could, Theresa continued to craft her music skills via her stay at Liverpool Institute of Performing Arts (LIPA) where she got the opportunity to play around with new equipment as well as different styles of writing and performing. Meeting new likeminded music lovers helped broaden her spectrum, and some of her new friendships turned into new collaborations.

Combining various, soothing classical sounds with modern, organic electronic detail, Resa has created an inclusive soundscape involving acoustic instruments and playful productions from Coucheron, Benjamin Giørtz, Ted White and Nylan. Ranging from groovy upbeat jazzpop to slow, minimalistic piano tracks, Resa is getting to ready to reveal her debut EP this May after the release of her new single “Love ain’t Free”. Getting praise from the likes og Nothing But Hope and Passion, NRK P3, Bands of Tomorrow and Subjekt the world is starting to realize Resa’s musical talent at an exponential rate!