Oskar Nordbø reveals his “The Flood” release concert at Kulturkirken Jakob!

Oskar Nordbø combines elements of folk, indie, and country to craft his very own, unique sound of indie-folk. Gravitating towards honest and organic productions, Oskar draws inspiration from masterminds such as Bon Iver, Tallest Man on Earth, and Phoebe Bridgers, resulting in a rough, edgy soundscape with catchy melodies, well-crafted lyrics, all wrapped in beautiful melancholy.

After a whole series of ups, with a new romantic relationship, a completed bachelor’s degree in economics and recording of new music, things suddenly changed for Oskar. The relationship ended in a breakup, the new manager stopped making contact, and a lot of difficult existential questions about meaning and identity flooded his mind. After a long and difficult period, Oskar heard about a modern monastery that was to be reopened in Oslo, which caught his interest. Oskar, who had previously put aside the Christian faith he had grown up with, was now in a desperate search for answers and decided to give the community a chance. Could this be a way to find answers to all the questions Oskar had?

This journey builds the foundation and works as the recurring theme for his debut album “The Flood”; the search for identity, to find yourself and to find God. “The Flood” delivers 12 personal stories about this journey. In a landscape rarely challenged by innovative talents, “The Flood” beautifully proclaims that indie-folk is not manifested in one sound. Showcasing classic folk songs like “Amigo” and “Please Leave Me”, the summerly “Norwegian Summer” as well as atmospheric, instrumental-focused tunes like “The Flood II” and “The Flood III” the new album delivers a varied interpretation of indie-folk, carried by Oskar’s captivating vocals. “The Flood” can be described as a journey through the emotions that is best experienced from start to finish.

To showcase the album Oskar recently revealed his release concert at “Kulturkirken Jakob” on the 25th of November.

Tickets: www.ticketmaster.no/event/650043

SOLD OUT! //Carl Louis at SALT Art and Music

Kickstarting his album run with the radio-listed single “Portal to Happiness”, Carl Louis recently unveiled his new album “Silent Soldier” to the praise of tastemakers all over the world. On the 23rd of October he is ready to showcase new and old sounds through his now sold out gig at SALT Art and Music.

Oskar Nordbø unveils his new single “Lord Oh Lord”

Lord oh Lord is a modern hymn centered around what the 16th century monk, John of the Cross, called “The dark knight of the sole”, or what the 21th century rapper Ty Dolla $ign would call “Ego Death”. It’s about becoming, through shedding one’s own skin, and the deep anxiety this process evokes. The single goes to the heart of the upcoming album “The Flood”, which deals with the theme of death and rebirth, through the baptism of the flood. The country-influenced vocals along with the heavenly backing instrumentals helps create this atmosphere of recreation.

Coucheron and Pasha ready with their collaborative mixtape “G.O.L”

Coucheron and Pasha are finally ready to reveal the impressive bouquet of ideas that emerged during their creative trip to Gol. The new mixtape “G.O.L” delivers a variety of unique impressions crossing multiple musical
genres. With everything from energetic and hard hitting trap via “Natalie Portman” and “Ney”, sentimental ballads with “I SPY” and “Gucci” to the punk rock inspired “Hold Hands” they deliver an impressively innovative mixtape, which can remind of sporadic groups such as Gorillaz and Basement Jaxx.

Sunset vibes with Kasket Club and Soul Gem’s “Malibu”

Following up their highly praised singles “Miles Away” and “Undiscovered”, Kasket Club and Soul Gem release yet another jam “Malibu”. Combining a soft and funky production with atmospheric vocals this single perfectly accompanies a warm Malibu sunset.

ILYAA out with “Sublime”

ILYAA is ready with his new single “Sublime”; an upbeat track that goes hard, sparking the desire to dance. Combining a boosted beat with soulful vocals this track is a sure dancefloor banger.

SOFIA release her new single “Where to Go”

SOFIA is ready with yet another single following her radio top-charting single “I Dont Want to Lose a Friend”. This time the organic yet inventive, big sounding single “Where to Go” produced by “Coucheron“.

Oskar Nordbø unveil “First Snow Falling”

Closing in on his debut album, Oskar has already released two singles off his upcoming album including “Norwegian Summer” that was playlisted on NRK P3 throughout the summer. Returing with the laidback, guitar based folk tune, “First Snow Falling”, Oskar sets the mood for the coming season!

Coucheron and Pasha continues on their single-spree!

The guys teamed up last year for a one week get away in the mountains of GOL and they have already released a handful singles from the upcoming project. Ranging from trap to disco, their latest single can be found somewhere in the emo pop/punk realm featuring pop vocals and distorted guitars. Be sure to check out Hold Hands now!

RebMoe release collab single via Cyb3rbvnk!

Teaming up with Fafaq, RebMoe keeps on delivering hard hitting EDM bangers. Listen to her collaboration with Fafaq below!