Pasha team up with Ellis

Pasha and Ellis teamed up on the focus track on Ellis’ focus track to his EP Recollection Prospective via Monster Cat. “Brand New Phone” is packed with upbeat groves and cathcy hooks, and the track made it’s debut on NMF UK on Spotify. Listen bellow!

JNS releases summer album

Debuting with two tracks on new music Friday, JNS’ album has already been highlighted by the likes of 730.no and Natt & Dag.

Be sure to check out the album “PANDEMISOMMER”, dedicated to JNS’ strangest summer to date.

Stream: https://orcd.co/pandemisommer

Ponette unveil new single Stuck

With imidiate support from CloudKid and Spotify’s mega playlist Fresh Finds, “Stuck” made a splash on its release.

Be sure to check out the bands new single now: