Pasha, Oscar Blesson and Tommy Tee collabs on two track single!

Pasha, Oscar Blesson and Tommy Tee sat down in the studio to play around with new ideas. The session quickly aspired to two incredible bangers signed the deadly trio. The new double single “Solidified + To the Grave” combines Tee’s flaming hot beats with seamless flows from two of Norway’s most exciting rappers. The result is 7 minutes packed with attitude.

Nominated for “Live act of the year” at this year’s P3 Gull, Pasha is getting solid recognition from tastemakers around the globe, playing shows across Northern Europe and the U.S.

Oscar Blesson was discovered at an early age and has since been buzzing as one of Norway’s most promising rap talents. Needless to say, expectations are big when the guys finally come together on fresh beats from the most notorious persona within Norwegian hip hop; Tommy Tee.