Toothfairy is a management and record label based in Sandvika, Norway.

We work with a wide variety of artists, songwriters, bands, DJs and producers from Norway, representing some of the best, fresh talent this country has to offer. We want to find and develop artists at a young age, helping them reach their dreams of international success through determination and hard work.

Our affiliates are Sony Music (internationally), Universal Music (Internationally), Warner Music (Internationally), Aurelia Group (branding), A.S.S. Concerts, Selective Artists, mn2s, The Windish Agency, The Agency Group, RCA, Atlantic Records, Axtone, Armada, Big Beart, Size, all the biggest norwegian booking agencies, as well as the Norwegian offices of aforementioned major labels.

We distribute digital releases internationally through Phonofile, and physical releases through Musikkoperatørene in Norway.


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